Even though the range of bicycles available nowadays is incredibly varied, the Rohloff AG has a SPEEDHUB to fit almost every frame.

The construction of the SPEEDHUB is based around a modular system. The original SPEEDHUB versions are constructed for a 135mm O.L.D. and available with a choice of quick-release or threaded axle. In the past years, the Rohloff AG have extended the SPEEDHUB range to remain compatible with modern, alternative mounting options. As such, we are pleased to confirm that SPEEDHUBs are currently available to fit numerous frame spacings from 135mm to 197mm.

Rohloff file.png

Available Colours

Black - Red - Silver

All SPEEDHUB versions with the exception of XL and XXL units, are available in these 3 colors (XL and XXL units only available in black).

Braking System

Regardless whether you wish to decelerate with rim or disk brakes, the SPEEDHUB can be used with either system. Rim brake specific versions are supplied with a smooth, polished hub cap, whereas disc brake versions are supplied with a hub-cap incorporating a 4-hole brake rotor mount.

Axle Type

One of three main axle types are used on bicycles nowadays. The classic 10mm threaded axe, the 10mm quick release axle and the 12mm thru-axle. SPEEDHUBs are available to fit in bicycle frames using each of these 3 systems.

Cross Country (CC) - Hollow axle for use with a standard Q/R skewer, this is for bikes where the hub is held in the dropouts.

Touring Spindle (TS) - Standard solid, threaded axle (M10x1), this is for bikes where the hub can move in the dropouts, i.e. you need to move the hub to tension the chain.

A12 - Special adapters permit compatibility with 12mm thru-axle frames, we need to measure the frame to make sure you can use this system.

Torque Anchoring Apparatus

Frame construction is an art-form. As with every art form, the artist / fabricator wishes to leave their signature and this is often achieved through the dropout form. The Rohloff AG are pleased to offer 4 different methods of anchoring SPEEDHUB output torque to the bicycle frame, so that we can remain compatible with near all dropout forms selected by the frame fabricator.

OEM - this is for frames designed to run the Rohloff, don't use this in horizontal dropouts, you will bend the frame.

OEM2 - this is for frames with IS mounts and lets you use the M5 bolt, Speed bone or Monkey bone.

Standard - this is for the original Rohloff torque arm, also referred to as the OEM1 axle plate.

PM - this is for frames with PM, if lets you use the PM bone, you will need to go up a disc size to use this.

Gear Mechanism

Further options. Our ultimate goal is to retrofit as many bicycles as possible with a SPEEDHUB transmission. Two different gear mechanisms are therefore available to help us achieve this. An internal gear mech which sits inside the dropouts, directly on the gear-unit, and an external gear mech where a cable box is located outside of the dropout away from brake rotors (internal gear mech not compatible with disc brake versions)