Running like clockwork

This environmentally friendly, quickly bio-degradable chain lubricant has been developed in partnership with a leading German lubricant manufacturer. Not only does this lubricant degrade fast, but it has also been painstakingly developed to withstand forces applied to it through a bicycle transmission.

Oil of Rohloff is based on a synthetic oil that also helps protect your chain thanks to the integration of special additives. The resulting chain oil is incredibly pressure resistant, has an extremely high slip characteristic and is much more water repellent than conventional chain lubricants.

Oil of Rohloff is stamped with the VSF seal of approval thanks to its "best lubricating properties“.  Only 2 brands of chain lubricant were awarded this certification, from over 19 brands tested.



Gear lubricant for your Speedhub. To run it permanently perfect.

Once annually or once every 5000km. That is the schedule in which your SPEEDHUB gear hub requires an oil change. The purpose of this is to ensure that any oil lost over the previous 12 months is replaced, and that any moisture which has penetrated the hub is rinsed back out. We recommend the handy Oil Change Kit. I

Incidentally,  SPEEDHUB lubricants are also available in 250ml and 1l canisters for workshop use.