kLite Backpacker ULTRA

Ultra wide beam MTB version 2x Flood optics 1x Spot optic - Use this version if you are planning on riding Mountain Bike Trails. The Flood lights work as you are moving (even walking) The main spots will kick in at speeds over 15 Km per hour.

Ultra high LUX Gravel / Road version 2x Spot optics 1x Flood optic - Use this version if you are planning on riding Road / Gravel as the spots kick in at speeds over 15km p/hr.

Cree LEDs, 1300lm output

Auto Lights, Floods turn on first and auto high beam when speed (power input) is sufficent

Standlite / Camp light from the Flood light

SquareTECH optics (made for trail riding not flashlights)

E-BIKE version of the popular ULTRA lamp, 1425lm output, can run from any battery pack inc 12v, 24, 36v, 48v

100% Waterproof / Vibration proof (internally potted)

135g / 4.7oz

**light can be run facing up or down, it does not make a difference to light pattern**

kLite Bar Switch / Wire Loom

klite switch.jpg

Pre-made / plug and play wire loom for quick and easy install, Made for SON hub or Shimano / SP. You will need to us know which hub you are using when you order

The switch has an input lead from the hub and two output leads, one that goes to the light and one to the USB charger

There are two versions of the bar switch

Switch 1 - Selects between USB charger or lights. This option is for those that want to run the front light at night and charge in the day

Switch 2 - In this option the switch turns the front light on or off. The USB is always ON. This option is made to run the USB module in the day and night, this way you can hook up the new kLite Qube flashing lights and use these for Day lights and also charge your devices.

***Please NOTE this is only a Switch / wire loom, it does not make USB power or light - it is the ‘controller, you need this if you want to run more that just a light or USB’***

kLite USB Charger

There are two versions of the USB

USB 1 - This has one USB plug and is designed to charge a device, it has a XT60 plug and plugs directly to the Bar Switch

USB 2 - This has two USB plugs and is designed to charge a device and run the Qube Lights, it has a XT30 input plug and needs an adapter lead to connect to the bar switch.

Both USB chargers have 1000mA output, LED 'working' light, Instant start.

They are Iphone / Samsung compatible. The Input / output are both on one side

Full power up to 100km /hr

100% waterproof / Dunk proof

***100% E-BIKE compat for 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 52v ebike batteries***

Single LEAD from HUB to device - OR USB

Single NON switched lead from hub to USB charger or kLite lamp. This is just a basic lead to hook your kLite USB charger or kLite lamp....direct to the dynamo hub.