Chain Oil/Lube

Chain Oil

Chain Oil

Rohloff developed this specially designed lubricant in cooperation with a leading German manufacturer. Oil of Rohloff is specially designed for use with the bicycle chain and the Rohloff Lubmatic automatic chain lubrication system. Oil of Rohloff has the following features:

  • Based on a synthetic oil and special DCS-additives.
  • High resistance to pressure and stress.
  • Maximum lubrication capacity.
  • Water-repelling capabilities.
  • Rust prevention.
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable formula.
  • The lubricant comes in 50ml plastic bottles which can also be refilled by local dealers adding to it’s environmentally friendly nature.

Oil of Rohloff Chain Lube can be ordered under the following part numbers:

4200 Oil of Rohloff, special chain lubricant, biodegradable, 50 mL bottle

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